An Oasis for Survivors of Abuse

We invite you to join our longstanding, safe, non-judgmental & caring support forums.
We welcome survivors of all types of abuse & people of any faith or beliefs.

Christian Survivors is centered around our well-moderated message boards. Since we opened in March 2000, we have grown into a thriving community of survivors. All of us are seeking to support each other through the tough realities of daily living as a survivor. At the heart of what we do here at CS are 5 important concepts:




Speaking Out (Breaking the silence imposed on us by our abuse)


Our Almond Blossom logo symbolises these things - each petal representing one of our core priorities. We see them as the foundational supports of our organization, our goals, and our community.

Thought of the moment

You can't speed up your recovery, but you sure can slow it down.

Recovery and Community

Recovery is difficult. It takes a long time. It can be frustrating. Sometimes it doesn't even seem possible.
But it's so much better than the alternatives! And it is so much easier when we share the journey together.