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Welcome to Christian Survivors - A Survivor Oasis!

We are an active community for survivors of all types of abuse. Our aim is to create a safe oasis to provide friendship, understanding, and support to survivors of child abuse, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, ritual abuse, trafficking, Spiritual abuse & all other forms of abuse. We believe that recovery from abuse is possible, & we work hard to provide an environment of safe, mutual support, where we can help each another to come to a place of healing. If you have experienced any kind of abuse, then you belong here! We're so glad that you found our site & hope it will be helpful for you whether you're looking for information, or a safe place to gain support! If you're a survivor, we're so glad that you're reaching out to give & receive support. We hope you'll visit our forums so that we can get to know you. You are not alone!

The 5 Petals: Hope, Healing, Friendship, Speak Out, & Safety! Beautiful Painting by Jo Darling! Join us on Twitter #5petals

Christian Survivors (CS) is centered around our well moderated message board. Since we opened in March 2000, we have grown into a thriving community of survivors - all seeking to support each other through the tough realities of daily living as a survivor. At the heart of what we do here at CS are 5 concepts: Hope, Healing, Friendship, Speaking Out (Breaking the silence imposed on us by our abuse), & Safety. Our Almond Blossom logo symbolises these things - each petal representing one of them. We see them as the foundational supports of our organisation, our goals, and our community.

CS was originally set up by a group of christians who are all survivors - hence the name Christian Survivors. Many of our original & early staff members are still with us today! Our current staff team are a group of amazing women who work together to uphold the true principles Jesus taught us : non-judgemental love, respect & acceptance of each other. We want to stress that our forums welcome & accept members of any faith or belief - we're a survivor forum first & foremost! We've strived to make our forum safe for all members, including those who (because of their abuse experience) find talk about God or religion triggering & even dangerous. As such, we have a system set up to ensure that all threads containing spiritual discussion are appropriately trigger warned, to respect and protect those members. For members who are wishing to discuss Christian matters, we have several areas specifically set up to do so openly - thus providing for the needs of all our members. :)

We provide peer support & resources in a support group type setting, for those still living in an abusive situation & for the many issues which survivors have to deal with on a daily basis : Flashbacks, PTSD, sexuality, eating disorders, issues of religion & fears of God or the church, sexual issues, self harm, depression, problems in relationships & intimacy issues.

There's a gradually increasing set of resources at CS - held both here on our website, and the resources area of our forums. We would like to draw your attention to the wonderful journalling workshop, which is directed towards survivors who use journalling as an outlet. We even provide a space on the forum for your personal journal, if you wish. If you require links to emergency services, helplines, and support in your own country, please visit the helplines pages in our resources section.

You would be very welcome to join us on our community forums. It will be a privilege to get to know you! We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Please dont hesitate to contact our Senior Staff Team if you have any questions or concerns.

Susannah, Amanda,
& Emily

Christian Survivors Community Administrators

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