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Staff Roles at Christian Survivors


We have 3 administrators at Christian Survivors, who all donate their time on a voluntary basis. Susannah, Amanda & Emily administrate the day to day running of the forums; are responsible for forum security; oversee each different programme contained within CS; organise and oversee finances and donations; manage the 'paper'work; & maintain the website.

In addition to these roles, Emily & Amanda both moderate the forums, working as support & resource staff; & they all support and mentor the other staff on our large team. It is the administrative job, also, to accept or reject applications to work within CS; and to work with new staff members to find the best roles for them to fit into.

Any decision the admin make is based upon many years of experience, & training - and is to be respected but they very much commit to always being willing to listen to differing opinions, and to spend any time neccesary working out any problems with members.

Senior Staff

The senior staff team works closely alongside the administrators, dealing with conflicts and concerns with individual members, and answering enquiries. They carry out roles of support and resource staff, and also are involved in the decision making regarding, and management of the forum in general.

The Support Team

These staff are the key workers on the forums, who, alongside the senior staff team, provide friendship, support, and as safe an environment as possible for the members. Support staff are encouraged to identify the needs of each individual member in the forums they are responsible for, and to attempt to meet those needs as best they can, and are encouraged to regularly pray for members, and for the organisation as a whole. However, please do remember that all our staff are survivors too, and therefore need support themselves!

Several of our support staff are also involved in running our prayer team here at CS; and many of them will also carry out the role of forum and resource workers to some extent - and are responsible (alongside the senior staff) for keeping the forums safe.

The Resource Team

These staff are responsible for the more practical side of forum life, such as finding or writing resources; work on forum security; creating graphics for the forum & website; & archiving old threads. Much of this work is 'invisible' but highly neccesary, and much appreciated!! Without these staff members, CS could never run as smoothly as it does!

The Small Group Mods

This group of staff work in pairs to lead each of our small groups at CS. Whilst small groups are very much modelled on an all-member-ministry foundation, where each of the group members are committed to supporting their co-members, the mods are there to organise the practical side of things, and to ensure that the groups are kept secure, and running in a positive direction. More than ever, this group of staff have become essential to our work here at CS, because as the forum grows, the small groups are becoming safe havens in which regular members can form solid, stable, & supportive relationships with one another.

Please note, that no-one will become a member of staff at CS because they ask us, rather, we will ask them because of their actions as a member of this forum! :)