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Which Staff Member Should I Contact??

In order to try to streamline our jobs as staff here, we wanted to clarify what the best way is to contact the staff over any problems you are having on the boards, or enquiries you may have. Please be aware that all our staff members are voluntary, and give many hours each day to keep this forum running. They are all very busy, (especially admin!) and will answer your post / email as soon as they possibly can!

All queries can be posted in the 'Ask The Staff forum' - and it will very likely get answered the quickest there, because more staff members will see them, than if you email / pm a single member of staff.

More specifically :

If your query involves the changing of a usertitle, or something very practical like that, please contact enquiries@christiansurvivors.com - only senior staff members can make those changes. (please note that senior staff may delegate your mail to other staff members if appropriate)

If you require help using the software, or anything fairly general like that, please post in the 'Ask The Staff forum' Forum.

If you want information about access requirements for private forums, please post in the relevant thread in the 'Ask The Staff' forum. If it is not answered within 4 working days, please email enquiries@christiansurvivors.com, in case your post has been accidentally missed.

If you're enquiring about a 5 Petals project, or our #5Petals campaign on Twitter, or want to discuss partnering with CS in these projects, please contact 5petals@christiansurvivors.com. If you have a general enquiry about CS on Twitter, or would like to be included in the blog/website links we post there, please contact twitter@christiansurvivors.com.

Join us on twitter to chat, meet new friends, & share resources @SurvivorOasis

If you want information on donating financially to CS, please see the 'Fundraising Forum'!! If your question is not answered in there, please contact donations@christiansurvivors.com

If you have a private (or emergency) prayer request, you can post it in the forum 'Abounding In Grace'. This forum is set up so that any posts you make in there will only be seen by yourself, and the members of the prayer team. (each of whom have agreed to work in complete confidentiality) If you would like only the leaders of the prayer team to read your prayer request, you can contact prayerteam@christiansurvivors.com

If you have seen an innappropriate, or abusive (etc) post on the forums, please use the 'report a post' function located on each post! (just click on the little '!' icon on the post which is concerning you!) A staff member will then review that post asap! If you are concerned about a post but are unsure whether it is ok or not, please report it anyway, so that a staff member can review it to be sure. :)

If you are experiencing any problems with other members, or have something you are concerned about that you wish to discuss with Senior Staff Members, you can start a thread in the 'Member Concerns and Resolution Place' forum. All members can see this forum, but are only able to read the threads they themselves have posted, making it a safe & private way to communicate with the Senior Staff.