Look beyond the sadness
To sky that's filled with light
A rainbow of God's beauty
Displayed in colors bright

No matter what the heartache
There is a place to see
Colors of a rainbow
Gives spirit harmony

To arch across the sky light
In such a perfect blend
In awe of inspiration
That gives us time to mend

Created in His Likeness
With softness you can glean
God's masterpiece of beauty
To fill your broken dreams.



Hi, Iím Emily! I am a survivor from the United States. I came to CS while trying to deal with issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse, and it has been instrumental as I worked through other abuse issues, including domestic abuse, emotional and physical abuse, and ritual abuse. I have a long way to go, but I have learned so much at CS, and I am so grateful to get to share the things that I have learned with people who are just beginning on the journey.

  The things that matter most to me are honesty, trust, and loyalty. I am so blessed to have friends that are trustworthy, and they have taught me so much. I learn every day from the people closest to me how to go forward, and keep working toward healing, even when itís hard. I have learned that healing is a choice. I have learned that I am not responsible for what happened to me, or for the fact that I was abused. But I am responsible for where things go from here. I am responsible for me. I have a choice.

I choose to do the hard work and heal, and encourage others to do the same.



Emily is co-administrator of CSM. She oversees work undertaken by other staff members, and is also involved in any decision making tasks, relating to both individual members, and the forum as a whole.

All the staff here at CS work voluntarily, and do not get paid for their work. However, there are ways that you can donate directly to Emily should you wish to do so. :)




graphics by moonandbackgraphics.com
Poetry written by Francine Pucillo