Hi I'm Amanda and am one of the administrators at CS.

About 6 years ago I had a vision of forming a Christian online support group for abuse survivors and that's when I met Susannah. Instead of going ahead and reinventing what she had already just begun, she graciously allowed me to join her in helping fulfil the dream God had placed in both of our hearts!

At the time I was in and out of a very abusive marriage, which I am finally free of and have settled into a fulfilling marriage to a very understanding man. I am still walking the healing road along with my many children and have a real understanding of the affects abuse has on the children who witness it!

I think as Christians we feel that saving a marriage at all costs is what God wants, however I know that He has shown me that abuse really isn't in His plan for anyone. As mothers it is so much more important to God that we protect those innocent ones. They have been given to us as a gift to be treasured and it was this final reality that saved me and them in the end!

I love CS and the wonderful people I've met there over the years. Staff and members alike are some of the most loving caring and non judgemental people I've met in my life!

I'm an Australian living near the coast and love spending days on the beach with the children. I love reading and doing crafty things, playing the piano and listening to good music... (if I ever get the time these days!!).




Amanda is a full time voluntary co-administrator of CSM. She is involved in maintaining forum security; overseeing work undertaken by other staff members, and she is actively involved in any decision making relating to both individual members and the forum as a whole.

All the staff here at CS work voluntarily, and do not get paid for their work. However, there are ways that you can donate directly to Amanda should you wish to do so. :)