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About the CS Prayer Team

Christian Survivors Prayer Team is a group of staff and regular, committed forum members working together to provide a safe service for all cs members. Each member of the team has committed to working under strict guidelines regarding confidentiality, and sensitivity when dealing with members.

The Commitment of the Prayer Team

Prayer Team Leaders seek to embody the principles set out in the CS vision statement and philosophy of care; & to demonstrate them in their presence and interactions on the forum, & their inter-relationships within the forum.

Prayer Team Leaders all have an equal voice in decision making.

Prayer Team Leaders commit to meeting regularly together, and to maintaining a continuous dialogue of communication between themselves, Administrators, Staff, Prayer Team members, and forum members.

Prayer Team Leaders will prayerfully consider any application of membership to the Prayer Team, and will act in unbiased integrity towards each applicant.

Prayer Team Leaders will supply regular feedback & updates to Prayer Team members.

Prayer Team Leaders will work closely with all Prayer Team members, to create and maintain a strong, and mutually supportive group.

Prayer Team Leaders and Members totally support and embrace the Christian Survivors Vision Statement and Philosophy of Care set out above.

Prayer Team Leaders & Members will maintain confidentiality about sensitive and confidential information that is placed in their care.

Prayer Team Leaders and Members accept and share the fundamental philosophies of love, care, faith, of belief in God, Christianity, Scripture, encouragement, support, friendship, healing, self belief, gentleness, sensitivity, and empowerment - as is demonstrative throughout the staff of Christian Survivors.

In doing so, both Prayer Team Leaders & Members display a commitment and passion to:

1. Offer prayer for Administrators, Staff, Prayer Team Members and Forum Members at least once a week.

2. Check the Prayer Team Folder for additional information at least twice a week.

3. Respond to the specific prayer requests of CS members.

4. Validate that all Prayer Team Members are valued, supported, and have a voice.

5. Attend regular Prayer Team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

6. Participate in & Maintain Regular Forum Prayer Days as a Priority; & to be involved where events on Christian Survivors Forum indicate a stronger unified Prayer focus is needed. (e.g. in the event of spiritual attacks)

7. Prayer Team Leaders and Members will work closely together to maintain the fundamental philosophies that represent Christian Survivors.

Prayer Team Leaders and Members Statement of Commitment

I accept and agree to work within the principles set forth in the
Christian Survivors Vision Statement and Philosophy & Care.

I accept and share the fundamental philosophies & guidelines of the Prayer Team, and hereby commit and agree to those.

If for any reason I am unable to do so I will discuss this with the Prayer Team Leaders as a matter of urgency.

If you are interested in joining the CS Prayer Team, you can express your interest by email.
You will need to have been an active member for at least 16 weeks, and you must be willing to commit to all of the above. This is due to the sensitive nature of this work, and for the safety of our members!