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Survivors Poetry

Many of CS' members write amazing poetry about survivorship - the words of which ring true over and over to our life experiences.

We wish to showcase some of those poems here, as a snap-shot of the amazing resilience of our members.

If you would like to submit some poetry for showcasing on the website, please email it to poetry@christiansurvivors.com Thank you!

Please be careful! Survivors poetry can be highly triggering to other survivors!!

Melanie's Poetry
Desolate City
Only Words
Susannah's Poetry
Broken Dreams
Hope Dawns
Many Mask's Poetry
Silently Hiding
Jaded's Poetry
Fairytale's Freedom
Meribah's Poetry
Sean Kinsella's Poetry
Lindsey Archer's Poetry
Becky's Poetry
I need a Shelter
Cinda's Poetry
What Was Bought at so High a Cost
Glenda's Poetry
The admired
Marbled Clusters
Anonymous Author's Poetry
Don't Tell Me that You Understand