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Christian Survivors Philosophy of Care!

Our Objectives Are To :

  • Provide an environment of love and acceptance where survivors can feel safe and where they will not be rejected, judged, or feel ashamed; & where each member is aware of value being placed on their lives.

  • Offer hope to lives where all hope appears lost

  • Encourage survivors to face, and actively work through their issues, using as many appropriate mediums as possible.

  • Encourage & enable those survivors who are ready and willing, to allow God to work with them in their healing, in safe ways, so that he can heal their hearts.

  • Encourage survivors to believe truths about themselves, so that they can be set free from the lies which abuse has sown in them.

  • Provide a space on the internet which is wholly Christian, yet primarily functioning as a survivor support forum; which comes against the atmophere of judgement, gossip, and conflict which are prevalent on so many Christian and Survivors forums online; and which embraces people of all faiths, experiences, & lifestyles assigning each member equal importance & respect.

    In order to attain these goals, we will :

    1. Provide an environment for staff members in which we can encourage one another, and provide accountability and support for each other, so as to grow in our own faith and in healing So as to enable us to easier bring support to members.

    2. Provide one-on-one mentoring for all new staff members, teaching them both their roles on the forum, and how to protect themselves from burnout and other such problems.

    3. Sensitively provide friendship and genuine care to all members, new and old alike tailoring our words and support to meet individual needs; and encouraging (& partaking of) discussion of both survivor issues, and other aspects of life.

    4. Encourage members to create a supportive network consisting of real life resources, such as therapists, counsellors, friends, accountable relationships, and appropriate helplines and support groups.

    5. Pray regularly for the members in our personal times with God, and provide a prayer team made up of both members and staff who are available to pray for specific issues that members bring to them.

    6. Provide a non forceful focus on scripture and prayer; and on the hope that we can find in God, using discussion; bible studies; meditations; and prayer.

    7. Provide (and link to) useful resources and articles for members, pertaining to all types of abuse.

    8. Encourage member-to-member support, so that each member is both giving and receiving support, encouragement, and understanding - Thereby also giving each member a sense of accomplishment and value.

    9. Treat anything shared on the forums as confidential, thus showing respect to each individual on CS.

      Susannah Grace, Christian Survivors 2002