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Links to Other Resources, Info, and Support

There are many great survivor information and support sites on the internet, and we have attempted to provide a list of some of the best of these. We have cut the list down into several sections to make browsing easier.

All sites have been checked by staff members for suitability, but please note that CS does not necessarily agree with, or endorse, all the material found on the pages we link to. These lists are provided as a resource for your information only. Please do take care when reading on (in particular) the survivor links, as there will be material which may be triggering for some readers.

Emergency Helplines & Resources

Survivor Links

Christian Links

General / Misc Links

Dissociative Identity Disorder / Ritual Abuse Links

Reporting Online Child Abuse or Pornography / Report a tip about possible Trafficking : Information & Links

Book Corner : Links to Appropriate Reading