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Guidelines for CS Small Groups

We have compiled a group of rules that are standard in all small groups.
These are in place in order to keep things running smoothly, and to ensure that all group members and leaders are supported, and safe.

Since 2004, CS has had a small group programme, designed to make it easier for members to develop close, supportive friendships. Membership is only considered after 16 weeks of regular posting on the forums, and is at the Admin/Senior Staff's discretion - based on whether "you have shown willingness to be open and honest, that you're actively working on survivor issues and have shown yourself to be trustworthy".

Small group membership is a serious committment and will require you to put a good deal of effort every week into the relationships within those groups. Unless every group member is meeting the minimum weekly requirement of posting in each member's personal thread at least twice a week, and actively taking part in group discussions, the small groups will not work. That said, when small groups are working as intended, you will find membership to be invaluable and the friendships you'll make will be well worth the effort!

You can request small group membership in the 'Need Help? Ask the Staff' forum. (Please be aware that there is usually a waiting list)

Small Group Rules

  1. There are 2 group mods responsible for each group. Please remember these mods are part of the group and need the friendship, care and support just as much as you. If you have any problems, please contact either your group mods, or the Senior Staff member overseeing your group.

  2. All regular forum rules still apply in the small group setting.

  3. Small groups are not supposed to be your main source of support at CS. Most of your support threads should be posted in the appropriate forum outside of group. Members are encouraged to follow the threads of their fellow group members on the main boards as well as in group.

  4. Respect the boundaries put in place by your group mods and other group members.

  5. Not meeting the posting requirements may result in removal from the group - please inform your group mods if you are going to be away for any length of time (more than 3 days).

  6. Anything discussed within the group setting should always stay in the group. Please ensure you keep confidentiality!

Specific Participation Requirements

  1. Please post in every group members' threads at least twice weekly. A hug or short reply is okay, but in general please try to extend the conversation beyond that to a deeper level. Posting for the sake of meeting the requirements is not okay.

  2. You are expected to post at least 25 posts outside of group each month. Posts in the Chill Zone or in resources, don't count.

  3. The success of your small group depends on each and every member doing their part. These guidelines are therefore strictly enforced. Participation of each member is checked each month. If you do not meet the requirements, a warning will be sent. If they are not met for a second time, you are subject to removal from the group.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to post in the Member Concerns and Resolutions forum or email us.

With many thanks for your co-operation,

The CS Staff

The CS Small Groups Programme

Guidelines for Small Group Members with DID