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Links to Artists Galleries

We use the work of many very talented and generous artists as signatures on the forum attached to this site. This page is to thank and honour them. Many of these wonderful people have made concessions to their copyright governance to allow us to use their work! I am privileged to be able to provide links to the following galleries :)

Particular thanks goes to Jo Darling, who has not only allowed us to use her artwork on items in our cafe-press store, but who also designed & painted our new flower logo!

NB. Please be very careful when browsing these sites, particularly if you are an SRA survivor, as some of these sites do contain images that could be potentially very triggering!! (We ensure that none of those images are used on our website, but once you leave this site, we of course can't control what you may see. We have made a note of the sites which we know would be particuarly triggering for RA survviors. Please make sure you are in a safe place before you browse, and practice safe care!

Visit Jo Darling's Gallery and Online Store (Artist who painted our new CS flower logo!)

Visit Jim Warrens Gallery

Visit Pitre Arts
*Please note, RA survivors may find some of John Pitre's work triggering.

Visit Jeff Wilkies Dolphin Art!

Visit Enchanted Art by Jessica Galbreth
*Please note, RA survivors may find some of Jessica's work particuarly triggering.

Visit Selinas Wonderful Galleries!
*Please note, RA survivors may find some of Selina's work triggering.

Visit the Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser!
*Please note, RA survivors may find some of Jonathon's "mythic naturalism" work triggering.

Visit Amy Browns website!
*Please note, RA survivors may find some of Amy's work triggering.

Visit Parrish Fine Arts!
*Please note, the "Inspirational" section (under "view art by subject") is likely to contain images that are very RA triggering (religious stuff), so please avoid that section if you are an RA survivor.

Visit Bedrick Fine Art!

Visit Tom Seiraks Gallery

Visit Grandmother Beths Beautiful Digital gallery!
*Please note, there is a "scripture gallery" section, which may be RA triggering, so do use self care :)

Visit the poignant and inspiring galleries at Tramm Photography!

Visit Toadstool Farm!
*Please note, this gallery contains art that a lot of RA survivors will find triggering!

View Marjole Gulinski's Galleries!

Visit Lindsay Archer's Gallery
*Some of Lindsay's work is RA triggering so please avoid or be very careful if you're an RA survivor!

Visit Nene Thomas' Gallery
*Some of Nene's work is potentially triggering to RA survivors

Visit Renee Biertempfel's Gallery
*Please be careful if you're an RA survivor!

Visit Don Seegmiller's Gallery

Visit James Browne's Gallery

Visit Linda Tso's Gallery
*Please note, we can only use the pieces of art under the 'Personal Works' section of Linda Tso's gallery. ;)

If you're looking for images to make signatures or avatars from, you can also find photographic images on many royalty free / stock photo sites across the net. We have provided a few links for you below. Most stock image sites have a small fee to pay per image, but often have free image sections too. The below sites have many pictures you can use for free :)

Royalty Free Images

Visit Stock.Xchng royalty free photos site

Visit Corbis Royalty Free Stock Photos Site