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Forum Descriptions and Access Information

Within Christian Survivors Forums (CSF) you will notice that there are many different forums, and sub-forums (both public, and private - 'hidden'); all separated into 'categories'.

Some forums (the ones which are milder in subject matter) are accessible by all members, & by guests, so that they can get an idea of what we are about. From there on in, there is a graded system of access for members, which is dependant upon how long each member has been at CS; how regular a poster they are; and what their specific abuse history is.

There are also a group of hidden forums which have access only by invitation only. Please don't ask for access - it doesnt work that way! ;)
Our access 'ladder' is designed this way in order to keep it as safe as we can for all our members!!

We don't have a chat room on the forum, as we have found it to be too difficult to ensure safety in that medium, however, most of our members do use MSN messenger, to chat with each other in real time. You can download this piece of software at MSN.

We would appreciate your reading the following forum descriptions so that your messages are posted in the correct forum. This ensures that (for example), kids - inside and out - don't read the triggering messages accidentally!

Registered vs Regular Member Access

Public Forum Descriptions

Private Forum Descriptions

Please note, older posts are archived in forums situated right at the bottom of the page, or (in the hidden forums) in a subforum within the forum itself. Access to these archives is granted automatically alongside access to the associated forum.

I would also draw your attention to the function in user cp which allows you to set the time period you would like to see threads for. The default for most forums is 30-60 days, after which time posts will not be seen in the forum unless you click the options to view posts from a longer period of time. You can change this default in your user cp to something that suits you!