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How can I donate to CS??

There are several safe ways to donate to CS.

  1. Via our UK bank account.

    If you want to give a regular monthly payment - or just one off donations when you have some extra money - you can set up a standing order; send cheques & postal orders; or make an international money transfer into the C.S. bank account. Please email donations@christiansurvivors.com if you would like to donate this way, and we will provide you with the neccessary details of our bank account or mailing address!

  2. Via Paypal

    You can also donate safely over the net, via Paypal! Paypal is a safe server, owned by Ebay, which allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, & conveniently send and receive payments online. It is not a credit system, and you do not require a credit card to use it - just a bank account! You can sign up for a free account here .

    If you would like to donate via paypal, please click on the button below, or the one on the forum homepage - or log into your paypal account, and send your donation to donations@christiansurvivors.com

    Note : Paypal is a safe server, owned by Ebay, which allows any business or consumer with an email address and a bank account to securely, & conveniently send and receive payments online. Paypal is a secure system, which we have used without problems for many years now. Your bank account / credit card details will not be revealed to us if you pay using a paypal account!

  3. Through a secure credit / debit card transaction

    We are now able to accept credit / debit card transactions through paypals secure server, & you do not have to have a paypal account to donate using this method. Just click on the button below, or on the 'donate' link at the bottom of any CS page, and then click the 'do not have a paypal account' button, and you will be taken straight through to paypals safe server!

  4. Tax Deductable Method (US only)

    We have now set up a way to donate to CS from the US, which entitles you to tax deductions, by partnering with one of our biggest supporters, Christian Recovery.

    If you go to the following link, you will be taken through a secure shopping cart / checkout process, which will enable you to choose an amount to donate, and then pay either via credit card.


    Please fill out the forms completely and Christian Recovery International will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

    If you want to mail in donations without going through the online checkout process, you can make a cheque or postal order payable to: Christian Recovery International. You can then send this donation with a note stating that the donation is to go to Christian Survivors to the address below.

    Christian Recovery International
    PO Box 215
    Brea, CA 92822
    (Voice: 714-529-6227)

  5. Creating a monthly subscription on paypal

    If you have a paypal account, you can also set up a monthly subscription to CS. This function will set up a donations scheme whereby your paypal account will be automatically invoiced each month, for the payment amount of your choice. This payment will then be automatically deducted from your paypal account, if there are sufficient funds to do so.

    If you are interested in this donation method, we have created a set of subscription links, for a range of monthly amounts. You can access these links by clicking on the subscribe button on the forum homepage, or by choosing 'subscribe' from the menu to your left. To set up a subscription, simply click on the button of your choice, and it will take you to our paypal subscriptions page, where you can log into your account, and set up the subscription.

  6. Shopping at our Book Corner

    We have recently developed an amazon associates section to our website, whereby any items you buy directly through our site will give us a small percentage of the sale towards items which we need to buy from Amazon for the running of our site, and the education of our staff.

    You can find lists of recommended books in our Book Corner.

  7. Gifting our staff members

    Many of the staff have Amazon Wishlists, which create safe ways for them to recieve on an individual basis, without giving out personal details. Some of the staff have the links to their wishlists in their forum signatures, and in their profiles on this site. Some may be too embarrased to do so .... so if you feel led to give to them, please do pm them and encourage them to allow themselves to be blessed!!! - they deserve it!!!!!

    Our staff are all voluntary workers, some of whom work full time hours on CS. If you would like to give a financial donation to a specific staff member, you can send a donation in via paypal, just adding a note alongside the donation stating who it is for, and we will send it on to that staff member.

Thank you so much for your support!! CS would not be as amazing it is without you all! Please just ask if you need any info, or help in subscribing. You can contact our admin regarding this, at donations@christiansurvivors.com

Susannah, Amanda, &  Emily

and all the staff at C.S.M.