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Why Donate to CS??

Christian Survivors exists for its members ... as a place they can find consistent support, understanding, and somewhere to talk about what they are going through. It is a vital part of many peoples support network ... somewhere that they are safe to be real about their survivor issues, and receive the support they need to deal with them, alongside their '3d' support.

CS receives no sponsorship or external funding, & the organisation is run by volunteers, often in addition to working full time paid jobs. Many of our costs are currently paid for out of pocket by the admin, who have little money themselves ... so any donations currently go directly towards the running of the site.

It is pretty expensive keeping a large site such as CS running. Our monthly costs currently run to about $200 / 105 a month! Due to the large size of our database, we have recently had to take on a dedicated server package, which has increased costs significantly. (We were really blessed though, in that our host gave us a discounted rate from the normal 150 a month!) If you would like to know more about our running costs, you can see a detailed break down in our fundraising forum !

We are hoping that over the coming years, we can create a fundraising effort successful enough to to pay some of our staff for their work, in order to allow them the ability to be here without having to sacrifice financially, emotionally, or physically. (Working on CS can be very emotionally taxing work, and we wouldnt want to see any of our staff burning out!!) Several of our staff are full timers, working up to and in excess of 40 hours a week on the boards, meaning that it is vital that we work towards raising the money to fully finance this organisation, particularly as we grow larger and larger.

There are many ways in which you can give to Christian Survivors. Not least of these is in your time! As a regular member of CS, your prayerful and emotional support of each other is what keeps this site one of the most unique and amazing places on the net!

If you are a regular member, or a supporter of CS, we would ask you to consider donating to us financially, also. There is no pressure for anyone to donate ... we understand that some members will be unable to, due to safety issues with an abuser, or financial struggles ... but if you can, please do! The collective small, regular donations from a lot of members, of just a few dollars or pounds, would add up together to enable us to meet many of the costs involved in running this organisation!

For those who do wish to donate financially on a regular basis, we would suggest a monthly amount of between $3-15 (1.50-7.50) as a rough guideline. This is a relatively small donation individually, (the price of a couple of decent cups of coffee, or a few bars of chocolate a month!), but each and every donation will pool together to keep this vital resource running!

We would really encourage all members to consider donating to CS on a regular basis, as the reality is that without finance, this site cannot continue to run.We have set things up here to run on as small a budget as possible ... but that still leaves us with a pretty hefty monthly running cost. We want to be able to ensure not only that CS can continue running now .... but also well into the future! We would by far prefer to keep CS free .... but we need our members to realise that because the service is currently free for them to use, does not mean that it is free to run!!

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