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Although many of our staff are trained in such fields as counselling and Psychology, they are not working at Christian Survivors in the capacity of counsellors or therapists. We are here, as a group, to mutually support each other in friendship! The staff are all survivors of abuse themselves, who have committed to working towards creating and maintaining a safe, supportive environment on our forums.

It is also important for members to be aware that our staff have a policy of accountability to one another, as protection for themselves, and the members they work with. If you discuss your situation, in private, with a member of staff, they may speak with other more senior staff about it, as a point of help or advice for them. These discussions are kept strictly confidential among the staff team!

If you are feeling suicidal or are at immediate risk of injuring yourself, please seek help in real life!

These guidelines, and all the other rules we hold at CS are for the safety of yourself, and the other members of the forum, so please respect them.

Please note, if you are a researcher of any type, wishing to use information on any area of CS Ministries, you must abide by the following regulations :

  • All information on this site belongs to CS, permission must be requested in order to use it in any way.

  • All posts written in the forum area of CS are owned by their authors, and are not to be used for any form of research, without written permission from the member in question.

  • All contact regarding use of posts must come through the administrators of this forum, at which point they may or may not set up contact with relevant members - if their permission is granted.

    Any Researcher or Member breaching these rules will be subject to immediate removal from the forum.

  • Thanks for you co-operation and understanding!