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5 Petals at Christian Survivors!

Most of you will be familiar with the blossom flower we use as a logo for CS (on our main forum theme & on the website, on our favicon, & on the merchandise for sale in our Cafepress store for example). This beautiful, delicate flower is actually an Almond Blossom, which symbolise hope. They're used in the bible to represent God's care and to symbolise something precious. Part of the reason for this is that they're one of the first flowers to bloom after the winter in the Middle East - a powerful symbol of hope! In addition it strikes us as important that almonds can be either sweet or bitter, like our lives as survivors.

The 5 Petals: Hope, Healing, Friendship, Speaking Out, & Safety! Beautiful Painting by Jo! Join us on Twitter #5petals

In honour of our 11th birthday in March 2011, we offically launched 5 Petals, alongside our Twitter page. At the heart of what we do here at CS are 5 concepts: Hope, Healing, Friendship, Speaking Out (breaking the silence forced on us by our abuse!) & Safety. Our almond blossom logo symbolises these things - each petal representing one of them. We see them as the foundational supports of our organisation, goals and forums.

We believe that recovery from abuse is possible and although this is usually a long process, it's something that every survivor deserves! The abuse we have endured has taken far too much of our lives and we want to see every survivor encouraged to not give up hope, to find a way to claim back their lives and no longer be dictated to by their past. These 5 key concepts very much describe our beliefs at CS, and what we try to accomplish in terms of the kind of environment our community forums have - and the things we hope for, for our members :

Every survivor deserves to have hope for the future - that things will get better. #5petals

Every survivor deserves to heal from what they've been through - and this is achievable! #5petals

No-one should have to be alone - survivors deserve to have friends & to be a friend to someone else! #5petals

Speak Out!
Abuse survivors have been silenced by violence, threats & shame, but every survivor deserves to speak out & be heard! #5petals

All survivors of abuse know what it's like to not be safe, but every human has the right to live in safety, and to find support in a safe environment. #5petals

If you are a survivor of abuse, you deserve to find healing and to recover from what was done to you - don't let anyone convince you otherwise! It will take time, and hard work... but it'll be worth it to be able to increasingly live life in freedom and to no longer allow those who have taken so much already, to take any more of your life - in all its fullness!

Over time, we plan to undertake many projects in our community, based on the 5Petals - the first of which is to begin the #5petals hashtag posting trend on Twitter. Our goals are to, over time, create a place for survivors to network together, and a platform for abuse activists & survivor support organisations to reach people. We plan to promote many other abuse support & recovery organisations, and survivor bloggers, in order to give them increased presence online. We hope also to increase useage of all the abuse survivor hashtags on Twitter, which are currently very underused, or are used for the wrong reasons. We very much hope that the survivor community will get behind us on this project, as it's something we can only achieve together! You can read more about this project, & how you can help, on our hashtags page. If you run a survivor support agency, or are a survivor who writes a blog about surviving abuse, & would like us to promote you, please feel free to contact us with a link to your site, for consideration.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions
of people, can transform the world."
Howard Zinn

If you're a survivor support or activist organisation & would like to partner with us in these projects, please email us. We'd love to discuss the ways we can work together to make this project work!!

Susannah & Jo
The 5 Petals Team

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